Outdoor Wood Fired Ovens

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Terms, Use & Maintainance
These instructions are specific to "White Oven Hybrids" like the ones we offer. When your outdoor wood fired oven arrives follow these steps to assist you in having a good, safe experience.
Getting started
When assembling your new outdoor wood fired oven be sure to read all of the assembly instructions. It's a good idea to assemble your new outdoor wood fired oven in or around the area you will be using it. Outdoor wood fired ovens are very heavy and the less you have to move it the better. In the event you ordered a stand with your oven then the only assembly will be to place the oven on the stand and attach the stove pipe. If you ordered the Model B you will also need to fasten them with 6 screws each.
Selecting the area
Select a firm, level, immovable surface for your outdoor wood fired oven. Remember. ALL outdoor wood fired ovens are for OUTDOOR USE ONLY! Never have a fire in your outdoor wood fired oven indoors or anywhere there is an overhang, low hanging tree limbs or overhead obstructions! Be sure to keep you're outdoor wood fired oven away from your house, railing or anything else that could potentially catch fire. Now that your outdoor wood fired oven is positioned it's time to fire it up!
Let's enjoy!
Never use gasoline or other petroleum based accelerants to get the fire going! Fat wood or a fire starter works best! Never touch your outdoor wood fired oven while it is burning or even immediately after. The steel will hold the heat and definitely cause serious burns if you're not cautious. Keep children and pets a safe distance away from the outdoor wood fired oven.
Do Not Burn
Pressure treated wood as it emits toxic gasses when burned. A good rule of thumb is that if it has a greenish tint it may be pressure treated. If you are not sure DON'T burn it! A good size range for most of our wood fired ovens is 9-14 inches in length and 2-4 inches in diameter.
What type of wood should I burn?
There are several types of wood that we can recommend based on our own experiences however it is truly a matter of taste. Many people enjoy fruitwood such as Apple, Cherry, Peach and Plum while others love the taste of foods cooked in an oven burning Oak. Here is a list of some of our and our customers' favorites in no particular order:
 Apple - Excellent, fruity aroma and great for cooking just about anything. Has a light, smokey flavor.
 Pear - Another excellent fruitwood similar to apple.
 Hickory - Revered by "smokers". Who doesn't love the traditional taste of a tender ham smoked with some good old-fashioned Hickory? Excellent in wood fired ovens as well!
 Mesquite - A very popular cooking wood Mesquite burns hot and gives food a slightly sweet flavor. 
 Maple - An all around good, aromatic wood which adds a sweet flavor to foods. Great for cooking pork!
 Oak - When seasoned Oak has one of the longest burning times, burns clean and has a great aroma. It also enhances your foods flavor. 
 Pecan - Another wood widely used for smoking foods Pecan adds a wonderful, mildly sweet flavor to foods. Does not burn very hot.
 Walnut - Very strong, smokey flavor. For those who love smoked meat!
 Chestnut - Not much heat output and tends to spark a lot. 
 Cherry - Burns well and has a nice aroma.
Our outdoor ovens require little maintenance however it is a good idea to keep your oven covered when not in use to prevent staining and rust. In the event your oven becomes scratched we can provide you with touch up paint. The stainless steel can become discolored if not covered requiring minor clean up from time to time.
Cooking Stone
The cooking stone does not require regular maintenance however you may want to clean it off from time to time. A light once over with a grill brush usually does the trick however it is not mandatory.
General safety tips
Although most people are conscientious we always provide a few "common sense" tips just to be on the safe side.
 Always have a fire extinguisher handy when burning in your wood fired oven just to be overly cautious.
 Be aware of children and pets.
 Never leave your oven unattended when children and pets are around.
 Do not touch the outside of your oven specifically the front or smoke stack while it is in use or after burning.
 Be sure your base is stable!
We hope that the preceding information will help you to enjoy your outdoor wood burning oven to it's fullest!