Outdoor Wood Fired Ovens

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About Us
There are many different types of outdoor wood fired ovens which are sometimes referred to as "pizza ovens" due to their popularity among those who love wood fired pizza. Some are made from brick, clay adobe, refractory concrete and more recently even steel. The older models were typically "black ovens" and often times; even to this day resemble igloos in their shape.
Black Ovens
Black ovens utilize only one chamber which is used for both the wood burning and the cooking hence the name “black oven”. In a black oven the wood is first placed in the chamber and as the wood burns it heats up the clay or brick etc. Once the oven is at temperature the wood and wood and embers are brushed aside and the cooking begins. It typically takes up to an hour or more to bring this type of wood fired oven up to temperature however the thick walls of the oven retain the heat of the fire even after it has been reduced to ash sometimes for as long as 24 hrs. Black wood fired ovens often give the food a smokey flavor due to the fires proximity to the. Black ovens are the ultimate type of oven for cooking wood fired pizzas.
White Ovens
White ovens are made from the same or similar materials to those of the black oven, the most popular being clay. The biggest difference between these two ovens is that white ovens utilize two chambers, the firebox and the cooking chamber. Much like the black ovens the walls of the white oven retains the heat for a long period of time after the fire is out. Due to the fact that there are two separate chambers the food does not have any of the smokey flavor the black oven provides. White ovens make it easier to add firewood as there is no food in the same chamber and cleaning out the ash is easier.
Our Steel Outdoor Wood Fired Ovens
Like the white ovens our ovens have two separate chambers one for the fire and one for the food unlike the black ovens where food and fire are in the same chamber. Like the black ovens the smoke is still able to enter the separated cooking chamber through an opening between the wood fire chamber and the cooking chamber giving you the best of both worlds! No brushing the fire aside or worrying about ash in your food yet allowing for that bit of smokey flavor. Further the shape of the oven is reminiscent of the shape of a traditional brick oven providing for a similar radiation of heat.