Outdoor Wood Fired Ovens

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Outdoor Wood Fired Oven

Open the door to a whole new world of flavor!

cost effective outdoor wood fired ovens cost effective outdoor wood fired ovens cost effective outdoor wood fired ovens

What makes our wood fired ovens different?

cost effective outdoor wood fired ovens

Cost effective

There are a variety of outdoor wood fired ovens on the market as do it yourself wood fired oven kits. The most basic “kits” start at around $3000 and require a large amount of assembly. This does not include shipping and the cost/time to assemble the oven, the slab and such important components as the smoke stack/ chimney and insulation. Our outdoor wood fired ovens start at under $2000 and include everything you need.

easy assembly outdoor wood fired ovens


Extremely simple! Your oven will arrive almost fully assembled. Simply add the smoke stack and if you ordered the optional stand set your oven on the stand. For models with stainless steel shelves on either side of the oven you will need to attach each shelf using 6 screws. In other words our ovens assemble in less than 20 minutes as opposed to days or even weeks with other models.

easily manueverable outdoor wood fired ovens


The optional heavy duty stand with casters makes it simply to move your oven around your patio. Many customers transport their wood fired oven between their home and vacation home and in the event you move your wood fired oven can move with you.

low heating time outdoor wood fired ovens

Heating time

Our heating time averages 20 minutes or less as opposed to an hour plus.

our ovens arent for just pizzas

Not JUST for pizza

Perfect for steak, chicken, tenderloin, fish, brisket, vegetables (corn on the cob) and of course pizza!

cook with fire!

Cooking With FIRE!

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take a test drive by visiting skips outdoor accents in agawam ma today!

Take a Test Drive!

Join us at our Agawam store and take our oven for a test drive! …Click Here!


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